Courage Over Confidence Course

Does this sound like you?

  • You perform well in practices but are scared to make mistakes in games and tournaments
  • You have big goals but feel like you are lacking the confidence to achieve them
  • Your return from injury is causing you to think you will never become the player you once were
  • Your mental game is holding you back from reaching your dream of playing in college, solidifying your spot on Varsity, or making an Olympic team

If you answered yes to any of those questions, The Courage Over Confidence 30-Day Challenge is for you! This program is a one-month, virtual video challenge, that you can sign up for anytime, but to be the first to receive it, sign up NOW, and the first videos will come to your inbox on July 2, 2024.

This Course Will Help You:

  • Understand why it’s so hard to be feel confident and strong when the stakes are high
  • Learn to predict when “mind chatter” will pop up and what you can do to quiet it
  • Develop a plan to move past your negative reactions to mistakes
  • Discover how Courage over Confidence can help you become more resilient
  • And more!

I am a licensed clinical and sport psychologist, who has been helping athletes for my entire 20-plus year career. In this course, I am taking the most important parts of my book on Mind Chatter and offering them to you in video format with great at-home worksheets to reinforce what you are learning. My expertise in helping nervous and negative performers comes from having worked with thousands of athletes who have the physical talent and work ethic to succeed but lack the mental game strategies to make it consistently happen.

My book, Courage Over Confidence: Managing Mind Chatter and Winning the Mental Game, has received great reviews for its practical, step-by-step approach to teaching athletes how to manage doubts, second-guessing and negative thinking. This 30-day virtual course takes these concepts one step further, incorporating short, easy to digest videos that allow you to learn how to manage mind chatter at your own pace. Do you need to read the book before taking the course? No, you don’t, but it might help you integrate the video lessons more quickly and more deeply.

More about me: My office is in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I am married and have three awesome children. Each and every day, my work centers around helping athletes pursuing high performance goals, and coaches and athletic departments looking to educate their student-athletes on mental health and performance enhancement strategies. My Ph.D. is in clinical psychology and I also completed a fellowship in Family Therapy. I am a therapist at heart who specializes in sport psychology. I do this work because of my love of sport and my desire to reach athletes who are great players but aren’t ready yet to call themselves great competitors. My work has touched people around the globe who are looking for a sound, reasonable and practical approach to teaching the mental game. Olympic athletes, college competitors and junior participants have all benefitted from my work.

“Dr. Greene is an excellent presenter. His presentations are always interesting, comprehensive, and organized. His enthusiasm for his work is palpable.” Division III Athletic Director

“The impact he has had is hard to put into words, but I can assure you it has been immense. He equipped me with what I describe as a “mental playbook” that I could use in both in my week of preparation and on gameday.” Premier League Lacrosse (PLL) player

“Every time I hear Mitch Greene speak, he gives me a wealth of information regarding how I can help the athletes I coach who have a variety of emotional, physical, and athletic difficulties.” High School Coach

“The idea about the difference between confidence and courage was new to me and a game changer in my approach to competing in the pool.” Division I Swimmer

By the end of 30 days, you will have a toolbox full of tangible tools that will have you managing that negative, doubt-filled voice that has ruined far too many of your performances. You will start going to the field or the pool or the track with a mental game plan that can aid in your performances and enhance your overall experience no matter what sport you play.

When you join the 30-day course, you will receive:

  • An email every week, for 4 consecutive weeks that will include:
    • A video lesson or two recorded by Dr. Greene
    • An at-home practice worksheet to integrate your learning into your practices and/or competitions
  • Optional “reading guide” for Courage Over Confidence to supplement course work
  • The chance to watch these videos and complete the worksheets at your own pace
  • Access to the content forever! You can re-watch these videos and re-read anytime.
  • This program is a one-month, virtual video challenge, that you can sign up for anytime, but to be the first to receive it, sign up NOW, and the first videos will come to your inbox on July 2, 2024.
  • Access to the content forever! You can re-watch these videos and re-read anytime.

Week 1: Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

  • You will learn why thinking positively when you are really feeling negative can make you feel worse, not better.
  • You will become clear as to why you often perform better in practice than in games
  • You will better understand why you aren’t to blame for not knowing how best to approach mind chatter

Week 2: What is Mind Chatter & How to Make Room for It*

  • You will learn the definition of mind chatter
  • You will be empowered as you learn to predict when mind chatter will show up
  • You will discover how to spot and respond to it so that you don’t let it overpower you and take the total fun out of competing

* this week you will receive two sets of videos and at-home worksheets

Week 3: Action Goals vs. Outcome Goals

  • You will learn the difference between action “front pocket” goals and outcome “back pocket” goals
  • You will see the value in having both types of goals, but prioritizing action goals
  • You will learn how to break down your front pocket goals into specific, controllable, and tangible actions

Week 4: Courage over Confidence

  • You will learn why trying to be confident when you really are scared is a serious mental mistake
  • You will understand that victory in high performance situations isn’t often a matter of who is the most confident, but rather who knows best how to manage their chatter
  • You will learn what it means to play with courage (over trying with confidence)
  • Any athlete, ages 13 and up, that is struggling with their mental game due to nerves, distractions, anxiety and fear.
  • Any athlete participating in any sport whether an individual sport or a team sport
  • Sport parents will find this useful to better understand their child who may be struggling with anxiety and negative thinking
  • Coaches who are looking to meet their athletes where they are; in other words, helping an athlete or a team develop a common language to communicate what makes them nervous but also what they can do about it.
  • Anyone who has read the book, Courage over Confidence, and wants to reinforce their learning with videos and additional take home worksheets.

Have a question? Email me at [email protected]

  • This course is for athletes who play their best at practice and their worst at games and tournaments
  • This course is for sports parents who want to understand why their child struggles with confidence even though they are fit, strong, skilled and athletic
  • This course is for the coach who is looking to better support their athlete(s) who passes instead of shoots, slows down instead of speeding up, and/or plays not to lose instead of to win
  • This course is for any athlete 13-years old or older, as well as any college athlete or elite performer who knows their mind chatter keeps sabotaging all of their hard work
  • This course is for the athlete who is hoping to level up from junior varsity to varsity, from being a part-time player to a full-time competitor or for the elite athlete who finds themselves stuck in a rut of overthinking and a lack of concentration and focus

Even though many of you will come to this course with different backgrounds, there are some universal truths when it comes to mind chatter. Mind Chatter is, as I like to say, an equal opportunity offender. Anytime there’s high-stakes in performance it will appear, whether you are a junior athlete or striving to make an Olympic team.

So, wherever you are and wherever you come from on your athletic journey, you will find this course applicable to your high performing desires and goals.

Discount registration is $90 for all four weeks and includes videos, worksheets, and more if you sign up before June 15, 2024. After the 15th of June, the full price is $110.

You can sign up anytime, but to be the first to receive it, sign up NOW, and the first videos will come to your inbox on July 2, 2024. Whenever you sign up, you will get the four videos, for four consecutive weeks.

Register today! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me at [email protected].