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The Story of My Book

Competitive athletes (and coaches and sports parents) tend to think confidence is required in order to be successful. The problem is that confidence is often fleeting; showing up when we perform well, but quickly disappearing when doubt enters our minds. 

It turns out that confidence isn’t as essential to athlete high-performance as most people think. More important is the ability to manage what I call mind chatter; the conversation athletes have with themselves that is full of doubt, second-guessing and negativity. 

Here’s some clues that you may be struggling with mind chatter? 

  • You pass instead of shoot
  • You slow down when you should be speeding up
  • You give up instead of digging in
  • You only perform well in practice instead of games and tournaments
  • You worry about “how bad you will look” instead of how much you can help your team
  • You fear competition instead of embracing the challenge

I wrote this book because in my twenty-years of experience, I have learned the keys to helping good athletes become elite competitors by successfully quieting their inner critic. 

What’s unique about my acceptance-based approach is that I teach athletes how to adopt a “welcoming relationship” to their doubts. Even those with years of training, tons of competitive experience, and a desire to be great, must learn how to “make room” for mind chatter’s arrival on the scene. As they say in the East, “What you resist, will persist, and what you let be, will let you be.” 

    How this book will help you

    • In this book, you'll learn what it means to play with COURAGE when confidence wanes.
    • You will hear stories of college athletes who mastered mind chatter and got critical playing time they never thought possible.
    • You will learn how to be mentally bullet-proof when doubts and second-guessing show up during competitions.
    • If you are a coach or parent of an athlete, you will discover how best to help a nervous, anxious player from sabotaging his/her game-day performances.

    About the Author

    Mitchell Greene, Ph.D. is a clinical and sport psychologist, and owner of Greenepsych Clinical & Sport Psychology, located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. For the past twenty years, he has worked with athletes, from junior competitors to Olympic performers, and have helped them manage their mental game challenges with negative thinking and anxious second-guessing. 

    He wrote this book because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from athletes about the differences in their performance once they learned how to manage the clutter that filled up their minds during competitions. He personally uses the tools he teaches in his own competitive life, from tackling obstacle course races to triathlons, including Ironman, and marathon running. For more information, you can connect with Mitchell Greene at [email protected].   

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    What People Are Saying

    "I just read your book – cover to cover. I couldn’t put it down. It’s excellent! Your process is realistic, logical, empathetic, validating and gives easy action steps for athletes to overcome the inevitable chatter and enjoy the game."
    sports parent to D1 Lacrosse Player
    "Using Dr. Greene's strategies for recognizing and managing mind chatter will unlock your potential in sport and beyond, as it did for me during my preparation for the Olympics." 
    Joe Maloy, 2016 Olympian and World Champion Triathlete
    "I wanted to say thank you for your book Courage Over Confidence! As a parent of 3 college athletes (2 incoming Freshman right now) it really helped us with preparations and finally gave us some new topics to discuss together as a family and opened our kids up to new ways of thinking for mind and body connection. So appreciated! Again, thanks!"
    Sports Parent