Clinical and Sport Psychology

I qualified for Boston this past weekend and I didn't just qualify I smashed my ceiling. I went into the race with confidence and my head high. I not only laughed at mile 16 where I usually hit a dark place but dropped a sub 7-minute mile. I can see my true potential and that my mind was the only thing holding me back. Thank you for all you did for me and helping me through some very dark times, whether they were real or a figment of my marathon imagination, I truly appreciate it.

Marathon Runner

Dr. Greene has helped me to unleash my true potential. Because of our work together I'm not only confident as an athlete but also as a person.

Top 5 Ivy League Golfer

Dr. Greene, your plan worked great! She had a race this weekend and finished 3rd. More importantly she felt confident and finished without a great deal of anxiety. She will work on applying it again next Saturday when she has her next race.

Parent of high school cross country athlete

Dr. Mitchell Greene has been an incredible asset to the DelMoSports Team. Here at DelMoSports we provide some of the most challenging events in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Dr. Greene helps my athletes to find the mental edge they need to succeed. Whether it's standing on the edge of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry helping athletes find their courage to take that 12 foot jump, or meeting with athletes about to conquer their first Ironman 70.3, Dr. Greene provides the necessary tools and techniques for our athletes to achieve their maximum potential.

Stephen DelMonte,
Founder/CEO DelMoSports

Just had another great session preparing for my upcoming season with my amazing sports psychologist, Mitchell Greene. I do not thank this man enough! I’ve been seeing him for a few years now and he’s been such an important person for me. Thanks for teaching me how to keep things simple, when the moment is big, for calming me down when I'm feeling nervous, and for making time to talk even when I'm away and in a different time zone.

Todd Harrity, National Champion, Professional Squash Player

My son had to find his way through the maze of a new high school after moving here from out of state. I can’t thank Dr. Greene enough for helping him (and us) connect with the right resources at school and for guiding our son to keep trying when he felt like giving up.


Thank you Dr. Greene for helping me transition to college. I was so anxious about starting in a new school community but your support, including the Skype sessions we had those first few weeks, really helped me feel more comfortable.

College Student

My son’s breakup with his girlfriend sent him into a depression that we thought he would never pull out of. Thank you, Dr. Greene, for helping him when he was so down. He is doing great now and even thinking about dating again.

Parent of a college student

You have been a tremendous help to both [of my sons]. [One] is literally the rock of the squash team. I just told the truth when people asked “what is going on with him and his mental toughness?!” My answer...”Mitch Greene” As you know [my other son] has recently had 2 major wins vs tippy top players. One of whom he beat in 3, won Nationals as a Junior!

Take care and THANK YOU!!

Parent of a high school and college student-athlete

Mitch has been a wonderful resource for Gina Buggy and I at Episcopal Academy. Whether presenting to an athletic performance class, mentoring our captains or talking individually to our athletes Mitch brings a wealth of experience. His calm, but strong approach allows our student athletes to understand their athletic challenges and normalize what they are going through. His approach helps our student athletes enjoy their athletic experiences and we recommend Mitch to many of our Episcopal families.

Jim Farrell,
Assistant Athletic Director,
Episcopal Academy

I want to thank Dr. Mitchell Greene for helping me stay in the now and giving me the mantra of courage over confidence, both of which I used in this race.

Jesse Thomas, Pro Triathlete

Our daughter was returning to her sport after two ACL tears and needed someone who she could talk to who understood how scary it is to try and return to the field after being injured and away from your team for so long. We appreciated Dr. Greene’s warm but firm approach with our daughter who needed someone other than her parents and coach to help her get over some of the seemingly enormous mental obstacles she had to face. Courage over confidence!


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