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Mitchell Greene, Ph.D.

Dr. Mitchell Greene is a nationally recognized licensed clinical and sport psychologist, whose success over the past 15-plus years is his ability to tailor personalized solutions to his client’s problems. Dr. Greene works primarily with athletes pursuing high performance goals, or coaches and athletic departments looking to educate their student-athletes on mental health and performance enhancement strategies.

Typical clients are either college (or college-bound) student-athletes or elite or pro level competitors.

Areas of Specialization:

• Lapses in confidence
• High Degree of Mind Chatter
• Mental Setbacks from Injury
• Sub-Par Performances in Games/Tournaments
• Difficulty Setting and Meeting Goals
• Reacting Negatively to Mistakes
• Problems Sustaining a Competitive Mindset
• Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues
• Fear of Other People’s Opinions (FOPO)
• Player-Coach Communication Concerns
• Mind Chatter on Tests (e.g., MCAT, LSAT)
• Musicians Readying for Auditions

In 2023, Dr. Greene published Courage over Confidence: Managing Mind Chatter and Winning the Mental Game, a book based on his years of working with high-performing athletes who struggle with managing doubts and negative thinking. His book has spent time as a top 5 “Youth Sport” and “Sport Psychology” Book on Amazon. Athletes and teams have purchased Dr. Greene’s book as an off-season guide to help them train their mind for competition, as well as an in-season resource to improve their mental game.

To purchase the paperback, hardback, audio or Kindle version, please go to

For bulk orders of the book, contact Dr. Greene directly at [email protected].

To learn more about Courage over Confidence, read more here.

In addition to his work with individual athletes, Dr. Greene is a consultant to several college and high-school sport programs. His range of expertise, from endurance sports to tennis/squash, golf,  fencing, lacrosse, baseball and basketball makes him a sought-after consultant for those looking to take their game to the next level.

Dr. Greene’s articles, book chapters, podcasts, workshops and presentations have reached a wide range of audiences who want to hear about his approach to improving performance and mental health. His experience with athletes, sport parents, coaches and teams makes him perfectly suited to advise and support clients as they strive (and help others strive) to reach their personal best.

Dr. Greene is licensed in the state of PA, and holds PSYpact certification, meaning he can practice telehealth across state lines in participating states.

See if your state is part of the PSYpact by following this link:


Dr. Greene is married with three children, and received his undergraduate degree in psychology and human resources management from Boston College, and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Temple University. Dr. Greene also spent an additional fellowship year at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia specializing in family therapy.

Dr. Greene is very active in endurance sports, such as marathon running and adventure racing.


Dr. Greene also provides workshops for teams and coaches on peak performance strategies and mental health awareness. Sports coaches and teams appreciate Dr. Greene’s ability to make specific, practical suggestions to improve communication, build self-awareness, and establish goal-focused practice and game-day habits.

Examples of workshop topics include:

• Building a Culture of Unity
• Maximizing Practice to Learn and Grow
• Setting Goals to Improve Focus and Performance
• The Keys to Managing Mind Chatter
• Why Confidence is Overrated