Pearce Cucchissi

Pearce Cucchissi is joining Greenepsych as a Performance Enhancement specialist. Pearce has been working alongside the staff at Greenepsych to help collegiate teams build a better culture, develop a disciplined mindset, set goals that count and develop on-the-field mental toughness.

Pearce is a former Army Ranger and collegiate rugby player who spent his entire military career within US Army Special Operations at 1st Ranger Battalion. He has trained and advised hundreds of Americans and Foreign special operations forces for combat. After multiple years of combat deployments to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, Pearce has returned to the US to help high performers unlock their full potential through a holistic approach to achieving an optimized state. Pearce is dedicated to helping others free themselves from limitations.

Pearce works with athletes, corporate teams, entrepreneurs, and special operations candidates, to unlock their peak mental, physical, and emotional states. His work directly targets the blockages that hold us back from performance gains.

Pearce recognizes that many of the teachings from his the military experience translate directly to overall human function and everyday living. He wants to help people develop the habits of an elite warrior.

Pearce is available to speak to your team or organization, as well as provide small group workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

Areas Of Expertise

• Stress mitigation
• Relationship with fear
• Physical performance/optimization
• Mental health/performance
• Motivation
• Team cohesion
• Leadership