The Mindfulness Program at Greenepsych

Our fast-paced lives make it virtually impossible to sustain focus, express gratitude, visualize success, and think optimistically. Quiet time, like morning coffee and bedtime, are often interrupted by incoming texts, FB posts, tweets, and ever-breaking political news. It’s no wonder we tend to think and feel like we can’t keep up, and can’t ever get enough sleep.

At GREENEPSYCH, we recognize that taking care of ourselves is often secondary to taking care of everything and everyone.

Under the guidance of Dr. Mitchell Greene, and under the direction of counselor and meditation coach Dan Cohn, Greenepsych is pleased to offer mindfulness instruction to teenagers, student-athletes, sports teams, and individual adults.

Who Can Benefit From Mindfulness Training?


Mindfulness for Athletes

Are your thoughts too negative during competition?

Are you too focused on the future that you struggle to perform in the moment?

Does balancing sports and school feel like too much for you to handle?

Are you constantly stressed and need to learn new ways to calm yourself down?


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"We're so focused on strength, that we forget the strength in our focus. The mind is like a muscle; the more you train it, the stronger it becomes. And while the greats master the body, the greatest master the mind."LeBron James

Meet Dan

Dan Cohn is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at La Salle University. Dan received his master’s degree in kinesiology from Temple University. As part of his master’s work, Dan specialized in sport psychology.

Dan has worked with several athletic teams including Friends’ Central Varsity Women’s Tennis Team, the Friends Central Varsity Men’s Basketball team, the University of Delaware Women’s Track and Field team, and the Barbell Bullies competitive weightlifting team.

Dan has also provided individual and small group mental skills training for many athletes, and served as the mental skills trainer for junior tennis players at Merion Cricket Club.

Dan’s research interests within the field include performance under pressure, teaching players how to perform in the “clutch,” and mindfulness. Dan’s training in mindfulness includes his own personal practice of mindfulness as well as teaching the skills of relaxation and awareness to athletes and teams.