Train with renowned sport and clinical psychologist, Dr. Mitchell Greene

Manage Doubts • Bounce Back from Mistakes • Improve Performance • Become Courageous
Solve Difficult Coach Relationships •Trust the Process • Reach your Goals


Mental Strengths Assessment

Free individualized assessment and review of mental strengths and weaknesses, e-mailed to you at the start of the program.

Personal Connection

Consult with Dr. Greene by phone/skype once per month (1 hour). We will use our time to analyze mental roadblocks, teach new skills, review progress, and design a game plan for upcoming practices and competitions. You will be asked to take notes during the meeting.

E-mail Requirement

Check in twice-per-month is required for you to ask questions, report on progress, and ensure the process continues down a productive path. Dr. Greene will respond to each email.

Mental Skills Homework

Receive once/month homework tailored to your needs. The homework won’t take long to fill out but it will be helpful to reinforce the lessons being taught by Dr. Greene. It will be emailed directly to the you after your once-a-month hourly phone or skype session.

Discounted Payment Options

For 6 months of sport psych training, a discounted price is offered. Paypal button below makes payment a snap.


Committing to the process of improving your mindset will lead to improvements in confidence, courage, communication and commitment (The Four C’s). If you have not learned how to maximize your mental game, now is the time!

Online Training Program

Greenepsych’s intensive 3-month sport psychology training program, for phone or skype clients, will help you develop a competition mindset that minimizes distractions and improves your focus when facing tough opponents.

Once you enroll, you will gain a trusted partner who has helped junior, elite and Olympic competitors reach new heights. See above for details of what you can expect as part of our work together.

This offer, for phone or skype clients only, is available to athletes of every sport, with a minimum 3-month commitment required.

For athletes who want more extensive skill development, the 6-month training program will be a good option.

Let’s Talk

Everyone is busy and athletes and coaches will find online sport psych coaching a great way to build mental toughness and competition readiness from the comfort of your home or office.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to discuss the options in more detail, please email Dr. Greene directly.

Contact Dr. Greene

Additional Sport Psych Services

  • Individual Consultation

    Think of a sport psychologist as an additional coach, who provides an athlete the opportunity to work through their mental approach to their sport. Dr. Greene typically meets with clients for one-hour. For teenagers 15 years of age or older, they often spend most of the first session talking alone with Dr. Greene, unless they are more comfortable having a parent join them for the session.Please e-mail Dr. Greene for specific information about pricing for sessions. Skype and phone appointments are also available as part of the On-Line Sport Psych Package

  • Group Consultation

    Dr. Greene and his staff run several groups throughout the year ranging from Mental Skills Training for High School Athletes to Mindfulness for Athletes. We also specialize in running groups for sports parents. For more information on upcoming groups, please e-mail Dr. Greene.

  • Workshops & Presentations

    Dr. Greene and his staff enjoy speaking around the country on topics such as sport mental skills development, sport parenting, injury recovery, and the mental health of high school and college athletes. More information on workshop and presentations.