Presentations and Workshops


Dr. Greene conducts presentations and workshops on topics such as parenting, stress management, raising high performing teens, and how to effectively manage anxiety and depression in kids and families. Audiences appreciate his use of personal anecdotes and humor to deliver his message. Moreover, he has a well-deserved reputation for providing practical information that participants can put to immediate use at work, at school, or at home.

If you are interested in having Dr. Greene speak at your school, group, or organization, please contact him directly by phone or e-mail.

Improving Communication Between Parents & Teens
Malvern Preparatory School, Malvern, PA

Parenting our Teens: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same
Merion Mercy Academy, Merion, PA

Understanding Depression
Speak Up! Event with Malvern Prep, Devon Prep, Notre Dame and Villa Maria, Malvern, PA

Common-Sense Parenting
Waldron Mercy Academy, Merion, PA

Teens and Suicide: How to Reach Out for Help
Roman Catholic and Hallahan High Schools

Practical Strategies for Reducing High School Stress
Speak Up! Event with LaSalle Academy,
Hope Partnership & Gesu, Philadelphia, PA

Helping Children Achieve Their Personal Best
Uwchlan Hills Elementary School, Uwchlan Hills, PA

SpeakUp! on Sports Keynote Address - 2016


Dr. Greene’s workshops and presentations have helped athletes harness the power of their inner game and become more confident competitors. He inspires athletes to rise above self-doubts and successfully combat the perils of perfectionism. He also addresses the needs of coaches as they seek strategies for maximizing team resources and helping players deal with the mental and emotional rollercoaster of competition.

If you are interested in having Dr. Greene speak at your school, group, or organization, please contact him directly by phone or e-mail.

Team Building with Leadership Council
Lasalle College High School Varsity Lacrosse Team, Wyndmoor, PA

Managing the Mind Chatter for Peak Performance
Germantown Academy, Fort Washington, PA

Sport Psychology Training for Mental Health Professionals
Psychotherapy Networker Conference, Washington, DC

KEEPING SCORE! Innovations in Sports MedicineNinth Annual Lee White Innovation Institute FLYER
Lankenau Hospital, Wynnewood, PA

Competing with Courage: Playing Elite Level Squash
Pinnacle Squash Club, New Haven, CT

Mental Preparation for Youth and Junior National Triathlon Championship

SpeakUp! on Sports FLYER
The Haverford School, Haverford, PA

Our Inner Athlete
The Brave Endurance Podcast

Parent Education Seminar: The Keys to Successful Sport Parenting
Episcopal Academy, Newtown Square, PA

A Mind for Sports. NPR Voices in the Family
Interview with Dr. Greene and Dr. Joel Fish

Becoming a Sport Psychology Consultant
Lasalle University Psychology Department
Temple University’s Kinesiology Department

Tools to Improve your Mental Approach to Tennis Competition
Merion Cricket Club, Merion, PA

Race Day Mental Preparation
Villanova University Men’s and Women’s Swim Teams

Top 10 Sport Psychology Tips
The Hill School’s Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Squash and Basketball Teams, Pottstown, PA

"Listening to Dr. Greene speak on mentally preparing for triathlons has helped me to be more relaxed and enjoy racing more. He taught me to view my pre-race anxiety as a normal part of competing and to use this energy to help me reach my goals."Heather Leiggi, Professional Triathlete

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Dr. Greene has a passion for speaking to groups, and a knack for providing concrete suggestions that enable people to put ideas into immediate action. There are several overlaps between building a meaningful life and being satisfied in sports, and Dr. Greene enjoys teaching the essential building blocks of success to all audiences.